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Raja Golf Interior Photography Jakarta


Chendra Cahyadi, an Interior Photographer Jakarta, has been trusted to bring out the best of Raja Golf located in Blok M Jakarta and Lotte Shopping Avenue Kuningan Jakarta. Raja Golf provides a variety of exclusive golf equipment ranging from golf bags, golf clubs, and many others, all of which are made from high quality materials.

In this regard, the Showroom Interior Photography Jakarta of Raja Golf Jakarta conducted by Chendra Cahyadi focused on the luxurious touch and the elegant lighting concepts of Raja Golf Jakarta put by its owner, Mr. Setiawan. Chendra Cahyadi, in this regard, also had an opportunity to meet Mr. Setiawan in person as well as to capture himself in his daily activities.

The luxury of Raja Golf Jakarta is represented by some aspects, such as the arrangement of the golf equipment within the store. Further, the choice of the color throughout the store, which is dominated by gold, is a way to indicate its elegance since gold is identical with luxury. In the case of the elegant lighting concepts, it can be seen directly even before the visitors enter the store.

Chendra Cahyadi as a professional Interior Photographer Jakarta, is also specialised on Profile Photography Jakarta, Food and Beverage photography, Interior Photography, Profile Photography, and Architecture Photography.

Visit Chendra Cahyadi’s website to find more portfolios.

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