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02 February 2018


Website Design

Portfolio Mark Design "Home In Stone" Website


Home In Stone is a company derived from Bangkok, Thailand which is engaged in the distribution of natural stone for the sake of home decor, cafes, hotels and so forth. Home In Stone provides various types of natural stone that you can choose according to your needs and taste, for example Silvery Stone, Pebble Mosaic, Sliced Mosaic, Italian Mosaic, and so forth.

There is no doubt that Client Mark Design Surabaya Jakarta not only comes from the city or region in Indonesia, but to Thailand. One of them is Home in Stone who entrust Mark Design as a partner in helping realize the media of natural stone promotion, one of them in making website.

Website created in 2015 exactly this November the process is done about 1 month. When opening the website named, the customer presented a view of some photos of places such as swimming pools, residential homes that exterior use natural stone products from Home in Stone. If the customer scrolls to the bottom of the website, the customer will be shown various types of natural stone that you can choose complete with each description, such as material, the use for what and the size of natural stone. With a blend of transparent black and white background, make the website look interesting and simple.

Since 1998 the establishment until now, Mark Design as a creative industry agency has persistence and consistency, strives to have a good reputation in serving the Customer to get the desired goals.

Mark Design established in Surabaya has been trusted by clients both nationally and internationally as well as from some of the Top 100 companies in Indonesia. This proves that Mark Design Surabaya can provide the best service in every cooperation made to create a media campaign either in the form of Website creation or in other design form.

Mark Design Jakarta Surabaya as a web design and branding services company such as logo, Brand Design, Signage Design, Photography & Videography are ready to assist you in realizing your promotional media in the form of product or service. For more info you can visit our website

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