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02 February 2018


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Portfolio Mark Design "PT Bintang Tunggal Sejati" Website


PT. Bintang Tunggal Sejati (BTS) is a green coffee trader based in Sidoarjo, East Java. BTS was established in 1986 as a traditional family business with the primary goal of supplying commercial grade beans to predators and domestic wholesalers.

Within a few years, BTS succeeded as one of the leading coffee suppliers in the domestic market. The key priority of BTS is to build strong relationships within the supply chain through traditional trading practices to ensure continuous supply. In 1990, BTS took a big step to expand the market by exporting green coffee beans to Europe. This is a strategic move to exploit opportunities for increased global demand while maintaining domestic growth.

In 2005, BTS started trading Arabica coffee to serve the premium coffee market as it sees great potential in this coffee sector with the emergence of the popularity of specialty coffee. BTS carefully selected and provided some of the best coffee available from different manufacturers across the country and continues to apply a more direct approach by collaborating with farmers and cooperatives to produce quality and sustainable coffee .

Currently, BTS has sent coffee worldwide and average annual trading volume has reached 135,000 bags. In addition, BTS is proud to be a member of the Indonesian coffee exporters association and the Indonesian Specialty Coffee Association and is actively involved in the coffee development program.

On Website PT Bintang Tunggal Sejati made by Mark Design Surabaya in 2014. The concept of website design PT Bintang Tunggal Sejati used to promote coffee products is nuanced shades that look fresh, so as to make web visitors as if it were being in a hill. In a permanent return with some photographs of selected coffee products that can attract customers to try coffee from PT Bintang Tunggal Sejati.

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