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02 February 2018


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Portfolio Mark Design "UFO Elektronika" Website


UFO Electronics is a retail electronics store with a wide branch network spread across strategic corners in Indonesia. By leveraging wide distribution and network marketing coverage, UFO Electronics is able to deliver services that benefit customers, from very competitive prices to free shipping. UFO Electronics sells various electronic goods from LED TV, LCD, Plasma, Computer, Laptop, Office Supplies, Mobile, Various Gadgets, Speaker, Home Theater, Kitchen Equipment Electronics to Household Furniture.

UFO Electronics has been one of the mark design clients since last June 2017. UFO invites cooperation to Mark Design Surabaya which is located at Jl. Embong Kenongo No. 79 A is to be made a website for the sake of promotion in the digital world. Website this condition with blue and white yellow as background. UFO echo ufo assistant clad astronaut dolls seen in some corner of the website, such as the side of the logo, Customer Service box, to the bottom of the website right in the Contact Person.

Since 1998 the establishment until now, Mark Design as a creative industry agency has persistence and consistency, strives to have a good reputation for serving the Customer to get the desired goals.

Mark Design established in Surabaya has been trusted by clients both nationally and internationally as well as from some of the Top 100 companies in Indonesia. This proves that Mark Design Surabaya can provide the best service in every cooperation made to create a media campaign either in the form of Website creation or in another design form.

Mark Design Jakarta Surabaya as a web design and branding services company such as logo, Brand Design, Signage Design, Photography & Videography are ready to assist you in realizing your promotional media in the form of product or service. For more info, you can visit our website

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